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I get it

So just in case you were hiding under a rock or in some place where Al Gore’s internet doesn’t reach, Facebook got hammered last week.

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You read it here first

Whoever said that my blog is nothing more than a series of posts filled with rants and raves about the hedge fund industry and things

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Enough already

OK, I get it: The people in show business hate President Trump.  These haters find it necessary to use foul disgusting, despicable and degrading language

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The future is bright

Last week’s post brought a lot of sighs of relief from people in the hedge fund industry. A number of readers, whom frankly I don’t

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It must be the Kavorka

Well, it’s happened again: I’ve been refused entrance to an industry cocktail party. I just got a random email notifying me that I was “declined to attend”

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More then a bit salty

Last week’s ninth annual SALT Conference in Las Vegas was quite a show. Once again the folks at Skybridge showed the world how to put

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Who is abandoning ship?

The world was shocked, shocked, I write, that according to Bloomberg, hedge fund investors are abandoning fund managers because of “high fees” and “poor returns.”

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Do not believe the hype

Loyal readers have read these words before and, unfortunately, I need to write them again: The demise of the hedge fund industry has been greatly

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