Is gold’s glitter gone?

The smart money seems to be dumping gold according to a recent report in Bloomberg News. Hedge fund managers are systematically reducing their positions in theprecious metal – simply put they are taking profits. According to Bloomberg, manager’s have reduced the number of long positions by over 9 percent for the week ended January 11, this follows a drop of more then 6 percent in the number of contracts held by managers at the end of the previous week. Taking profits now is a good move. Click here to read the story.

Understanding when to hold and when to fold is what separates good money managers from great ones. On Wednesday, during the HEDGEAnswers conference call, we will be talking about what makes a hedge fund manager great and why some managers fail while others succeed. The discussion is third in 2010-2011 series. Click here to registerand get in on the discussion.


The fact that Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots failed to show up for yesterday’s playoff game makes me sick. I mean come on, the game was a joke. The Jets deserved to win. If I was into conspiracy theories, I would say that Brady et-al took a dive…

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