Now the Girl Scouts?

The Girl Scouts of America came under fire Wednesday after they tweeted a congratulations message to Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and all the women who have served or are serving on the highest court in the land. The radical left attacked the group for supporting these role models for women everywhere – posting that by celebrating the appointment of Justice Coney Barrett and the other women Justices, that the Girl Scouts were acting inappropriately and picking sides. One member of Congress condemned the organization for supporting what she calls the “antithesis of justice”  while another said she was embarrassed to be associated with the group, a third went so far as to cancel her cookie order – this person said she was going to make them at home instead of supporting the group.

I think the actions of these people are despicable, disgraceful, and disgusting. The Girl Scouts is an organization that welcomes all, inspires young people to give back to their community, serve their country, and most importantly do good daily. To criticize the group for supporting women on the Court is obscene. Congresswoman Pressley should be ashamed of herself for her post and instead of being critical of the Girl Scouts, should openly support them. Clearly, an organization that promotes doing good daily is one that both sides can get behind. After all, isn’t that what we all are supposed to do?

As many of you know, my daughter is a Girl Scout. Many of you have also supported her efforts to send cookies to the troops every year during cookie season.  This is just one of the great projects she undertakes annually as a Girl Scout. I am proud of her work in the Scouts, support her efforts to help our community, our military and to do good daily. Perhaps some of those who didn’t like the post by the Girl Scouts should think again about supporting this great organization of women empowerment and try themselves to do good daily, instead of simply being critical of others.


Really do I need to say more?

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